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To schedule a free 15-minute Strategy Call or discuss coaching, please complete the contact form below. During the call, I will provide insights into how coaching can enhance your life, career, business, performance or mindset by offering clarity, confidence and direction. It is also an opportunity for us to asses if my coaching methods and style are complatible with your needs. You will gain an understanind of the process and what to expect from the coaching sessions.

After the call, there is no obligation to participate in coaching and embark on your journey towards positive change. I will create a personalised proposal based on our conversation, which you can review and consider before making a decision. 

Joy Whitehead says...

Paul was very professional and delivered a lot in a short time. This stuff works!

Karen Albett says...

A lot delivered in a short time. Paul helped me to focus on important key points. I love the Study Guide.

Nick Dutton says...

Paul taught me to focus on the future. I would often look back and wrongly compare myself with others.

Jaap Piersma says...

I learned an incredible amount with Paul. He showed me how to focus on what I do want and excitement, in order to prevent procrastination.

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Life in Balance Coach
Life in Balance Coach
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