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It's only impossible, until someone comes along and does it
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If you’re interested in contacting Paul for a speaking engagement, hosting or providing a motivational event, please take a moment to complete the contact form below. This is designed to provide me with an opportunity to find out what your specific needs are and how I can provide or support the needs of your team, company or organisation. Over the years I worked with every type of scenario, from small, intimate groups, to giant, corporate stages. Once we have the basic information in place, I will be happy to call (via traditional phone or any video platform) and discuss the finer details..

Imdad Hussein

A really friendly presenter. I would love to attend more of Paul’s events.

Adrian Bellingham

A great reminder of what I used to do, but have stopped doing.

Gulnare Housif

A brilliant evening. Now I’m really looking forward to the goal, rather than looking back at the past.

Jonathon Postlewaite

This was the motivational boost I needed. Great tips, phrases, processes and systems.

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If you can speak, be sure you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives.

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