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Your strongest muscle and worst enemy is your mind. Train it well
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If you’re interested in contacting Paul for a training engagement or providing a motivational event, please take a moment to complete the contact form below. This is designed to provide me with an opportunity to find out what your specific needs are and how I can provide or support the needs of your team, company or organisation. Over the years I worked with every type of scenario, from small, intimate groups, to giant, corporate stages. Once we have the basic information in place, I will be happy to call (via traditional phone or any video platform) and discuss the finer details.

Safura Houghton

The course delivery style was excellent. I loved the down to eart and easy to understand approach. Paul sharing his own life story really meant that I felt better connected and not just talked to.

Jax Crew

Paul introduced new and helpful ideas. Brilliantly presented. How could you leave without saying “I do it now”?

Jackie Reszko

Loved the content. It was clear, consistent and motivating. The Study Guide was useful and practical.

Mark Connelly

I gained so much from this seminar. Learn to catch yourself thinking. Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone and little by little we grow our power.

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Being Challenged in Life is to be Expected, Being Defeated is Optional

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