Choosing A Coach

Five simple steps to finding a great match
Coaching15-min Call

1. Start with a Conversation

To help you find the right coach, I offer a free fifteen-minute strategy call during which we can discuss your challenges, goals, and desired end result. This call also allows us to assess how well we connect and determine if we are a good fit for one another.

To make the most of this call, I recommend you follow the five-step process outlined on this page. After the call, I will create a personalised proposal based on our conversation, which you can review and consider before making a decision. There are no obligations to participate in coaching after the call. Schedule our call now.

Claire Stacey says...

I would encourage anyone who really wants to take action and start living their dream life, to start work with Paul because it will be the best investment and decision you will make.

Jordan Armstrong says...

Paul was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and over-delivered on time and value. I was looking for someone to help me with my career and Paul guided me with self-reflection to really drill down to where I want to take my life. He also helped me to identify and remove limiting beliefs from childhood that I didn’t even know were there. I have identified my purpose and I have a plan for how I can live it.

Anne Halpin says...

Five Stars. Really helpful sessions. Paul is a great Coach. I’ve learned useful techniques that I’m going to keep working on. I’m feeling so much better after my sessions with Paul.

2. Be Clear on Your Intentions

Our strategy call explores your intentions, past, present, and future. I ask questions to understand where you are and where you want to go. We’ll outline a blueprint for positive change, so consider your goals beforehand. This helps identify the expertise and qualities you seek in a Coach.

Today, Coaches are available for all arenas of life; business, career, performance, mindset, success, fulfilment, relationships, health, fitness, relaxation, holistic practices, healing and more. When selecting your Coach, it’s essential to consider your personality, preferences, and values; would you prefer humour, candour, insights, intuition, or being challenged and held accountable? It will help you make a decision if you know what you are looking in advance. Ask yourself this;

  • Would I like help moving forward in a particular area of my life or career?
  • Am I struggling to maintain a good work-life balance?
  • Do I wish to get the most out of my talents and strengths?
  • Am I making a major life decision, such as a career move or change?
  • Do I lack confidence/self-esteem and would I like to become motivated?
  • Am I experiencing a lot of stress and/or have trouble focusing?
  • Would I like help with a pressing situation where the stakes are high?
  • Do I dream of simplifying my life in order to be more productive and minimise stress?

Let's Unleash Your Potential and Maximise Your Vision of Success and Fulfilment

Coaching15-min Call

3. Prepare for Your Call

Simply take a few minutes to write down any questions you may have. Let me give you a headstart:

  • Is there a coaching framework?
  • What platform will we use?
  • What is the length of a coaching session?
  • How often will we have coaching sessions?
  • What is the cost of a coaching session?
  • Are there any discounts available?
  • How do you book the sessions?
  • Does anything happen between sessions?
  • How long will it take to get results?

4. Do Some Fact-Finding

Before committing to any Coach, I encourage you to talk with a few to find the connection which provides you with the most confidence, but don’t base your decision solely on this compatibility. Read testimonials, success stories, certifications, and observe how the coaches interact with their Clients. Coaches, like Clients, have unique stories, personalities, and challenges. My authenticity and guidance comes from my thirty-plus years of training and personal experience, providing new perspectives and insights, improving mindsets and removing inner blocks for transformative coaching.

Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.

Take Control of your Subconscious


Like it or not, your unconscious mind is in control – once you understand and master your unconscious, you will be able to unlock your true potential.

Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.

Remove any Beliefs
which are


Remove self-sabotage, fear and unconscious blocks that are holding you back from what you are trying to achieve in your life and business.

Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.

Master Your Thoughts and


Learn tools for beating procrastination and how successful people focus on smaller tasks and micro-steps to dramatically accelerate results.

5. After the Call

Was there chemistry with the Coach? This is crucial for the coaching process to be successful. If there’s a personality mismatch or lack of trust, consider finding another coach. The coach may even suggest finding a better fit if the relationship isn’t working.

What’s my gut feeling? Choose a Coach who makes you feel optimistic, engaged, and excited about the coaching process. Coaching can be serious, yet fun, enlightening, and life-changing. Your gut feeling should be joyous when working with your chosen Coach, so choose wisely to make your life awesome.

Did I feel understood? Feeling understood is key in coaching. Programmes can be customised to suit your needs, goals, and personality. Some Coaches offer accountability, while others focus on nurturing. Regardless of your choice, you should feel supported and reassured that you’re in safe hands as you make life changes.

What experiences has the Coach had? A great Coach has life stories from their own journey and can share effective strategies and powerful tools for success. Finding the right Coach comes down to synergy, even with well-trained Coaches.

What will it cost me if I don’t get support? All coaching is an investment in yourself. Without support, you may find yourself struggling to overcome limiting beliefs and obstacles that are hindering your personal or professional growth. This could lead to missed opportunities, unfulfilled potential, and a feeling of being stuck or unfulfilled in your life. The cost of not getting support can also manifest in the form of stress, anxiety, and negative self-talk, which can impact your overall well-being and relationships with others. In short, not investing in yourself through coaching can lead to unfulfilled potential, and a lack of personal or professional growth, which can come at a significant cost in the long run.

By Taking Responsibility for Your Life, You Will Discover Your True Power

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Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.
American Board of NLP certified
Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.
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Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.
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Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.