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the workplace culture.


teams by encouraging responsibility,

trust and autonomy which has been

proven to achieve increased job

commitment & higher productivity.


to business growth.


planning ensures everyone is working

toward a common goal. Agree actions,

align resources & build a competitive

edge to achieve optimal results.


your business


with customised people-centric

business solutions for organizational

evolution, strategic change,

and talent development.

Strategy, Empowerment & Results

I have an exciting message of success for any corporate audience, with a focus on strategy, empowerment and results. My corporate programmes are designed to make your entire organisation shift into high-gear, both personally and professionally. I deliver an innovative, unique and powerful presentation to enthusiastic audiences in an array of industries from healthcare, manufacturing, direct sales, multi-level marketing, real estate, higher education, hospitality and entertainment businesses.

I illustrate how to accelerate the personal achievement and life fulfillment of individuals and organisations anywhere, and have created the definitive method to help people create breakthrough results in everything they do. This is an integrated, focused and deliberate approach to achieving measurable results for any business. Not only will your audience be inspired and motivated to achieve greater success, they will learn to up-level all their efforts. I provide the necessary tools to meet challenges, adapt to change, think above the crowd, shape perspectives and solve problems.

Your Mindset Trainer

Why not start by inviting me to deliver a bespoke keynote talk to your team(s) and you will gain a deeper appreciation of what we can do together to galvanise the minds of your entire organisation around a central theme of your company. The talk is focused on beating procrastination, getting more done in less time and having the best year ever in sales and business.

The keynote is all about how you can enjoy a more focused and energetic life and significantly boost your professional performance along the way. I will usually include some or all of the following:

There is significant and immediate impact on staff productivity after this talk alone and the programme enjoys compelling results in the business arena. Talent is one of the biggest assets of any company, which means investing in your employees (and I often find they’re happy to pay for this programme themselves), can enhance performance whilst engaging and empowering them. Additionally, you could be reducing absenteeism and increasing retention. The Results programme can help improve your bottom line. But keep in mind - there is no magic formula! Consequently, each organisation is different and requires an action plan tailored to suit its unique characteristics and objectives. If you'd like to discuss how you can apply the strategies to your business, simply tell us by completing the contact form. .

My keynote speech is often used as the perfect way to begin, or end, a staff meeting, convention, conference or retreat. Using a unique blend of humour, stories, theory, research and low-risk interactive exercises, I create an environment of high energy, mutual support and commitment to growth, designed to encourage participants to get to know one another while simultaneously learning the important principles of personal improvement and self-empowerment.

As a result of this powerful presentation, you organisation can expect to experience new confidence and commitment, on all levels - taking risks, making decisions, pushing through fears and limiting beliefs, with teams asking for what they want, creating the support they need, taking the necessary actions to achieve breakthrough success, and persevering in the face of obstacles and challenges. In short, a team that is empowered to win and capable of meeting the challenges of change.

Bite-size Development

This programme is a game changer for any organisation wanting to go from good to great and is an exercise in creating a focused, balanced, emotionally stable and high performance team. I can be with you for upto twelve months to ensure your team(s) have the best year of their business life. Everyone knows that an empowered individual is more motivated, confident, emotionally capable, more self-actualising and all-in-all a much better employee. Imagine having an entire workforce full of empowered individuals focused on the overall goals of your company.

This is a strategic planning process that is proven and works extremely well in corporate environments. It’s a simple process, but highly effective. The pivotal document is a template formula designed for every individual within your organisation to use. You can immediately expect higher levels of productivity, and an emotionally capable workforce that works together to have your company, or department, achieve a steady rhythm of daily accomplishment.

Here are some of the modules you can choose from:

Bespoke corporate training for a

Mindset of Excellence

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Employee development

creates loyalty

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A large proportion of my business comes from referrals. If you know of a group, society, organisation or company that would enjoy, or benefit, from a 60-minute keynote introduction, simply tell my team by completing the contact form.