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your thoughts and be

In the Now

Living moment by moment, and seeing

everything afresh without judgement

and worry, lets us experience life

rather than just getting through it.

Take Control

of your subconscious


When we procrastinate and distract

ourselves with “busyness”, we avoid

engaging with our lives. Mindfulness

helps us to become truly present.


any beliefs which are


Remove self-sabotage, fear and

unconscious blocks that are holding

you back from what you are trying to

achieve in your life and business..

Mindfulness is the Foundation for Fulfilment and Success

The benefits of mindfulness are huge, wide-ranging and now, scientifically proven. If you type 'mindfulness' into Google you will get around 29 million results. That’s because this simple practice can improve personal relationships, nurture closeness and enhance intimacy, because mindfulness helps place a check on automatic reactions and enables you to listen more effectively. You could improve your memory, reduce levels of stress and anxiety, enhance sleep, promote well-being, boost productivity and increase your creativity. Mindfulness can help you to accept troublesome thoughts and emotions, allowing you to let go of them before they have a negative impact on your personal life, your work, or even your eating habits. What consumes your mind, will control your life!

Become Positively Mindful

Mindfulness is a broad term for ‘awareness’ and for this reason we encourage you to approach your mindfulness practice with a universal perspective. It’s about shining a spotlight on your entire life, every aspect of your being, and not just as a simple stress reliever or performance enhancer which you might do for 15 minutes each day. We like our classes to have elements of playfulness, presence, patience and positivity. Mindfulness is about choosing to be with your experiences through the senses, (not in resistance or denial) and enjoying the feelings which occur, cultivating a deeper awareness.

Mindful Meet-Ups

Enjoy any, or all of our 60-minute informal meet-ups. They’re practical, enriching and fun with no religious elements. The language used is clear and modern and there are no funny positions (we all sit on chairs!). Dress comfortably and bring an open mind. They are designed to be ideal for everyone, whether you have no mindfulness experience, or are already practicing and would like to share your skills. Certified Mindfulness Practitioner Paul Becque, will provide a variety of exercises and techniques which you can learn and continue to practise at home. If you’d like more information or have any questions email info@engagewithsuccess.com