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To contact me about my speaking services or motivational events, please fill out the contact form below with your specific needs. With my extensive experience of speaking to diverse audiences, including educational and business groups of all sizes ranging from small companies to large corporations, I am confident that I can deliver the results you desire. Once I recieve your form, I will promptly reach out to discuss the finer details either via phone or a video call.

After the call, there is no obligation to participate in my speaking services and embark on your journey towards a great event. I will create a personalised proposal based on our conversation, which you can review and consider before making a decsion. 

Imdad Hussein says...

A really friendly presenter. I would love to attend more of Paul’s events.

Adrian Bellingham says...

A great reminder of what I used to do, but have stopped doing.

Gulnare Housif says...

A brilliant evening. Now I’m really looking forward to the goal, rather than looking back at the past.

Jonathon Postlewaite says...

This was the motivational boost I needed. Great tips, phrases, processes and systems.

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If you can speak, be sure you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives.

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Life in Balance Coach
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