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Uncharted Territory

In the journey of life, reaching midlife often feels like standing at a crossroads, where paths taken and not taken converge in a maze of reflection and anticipation. For many men, this phase can be daunting, marked by a crisis of identity, purpose and ambition. Midlife Momentum, however, is not about crisis ~ it’s about transformation. It’s about how you, as a man in your midlife, can not only navigate this phase but also skyrocket into making it the most rewarding half of your life.

If you find yourself at a standstill in these years, know that you’re not alone. You might be rethinking your career choices or experiencing a lack of fulfilment in your personal life. Responsibilities like caring for aging parents or adjusting to increasingly independent children might weight on you. Financial burdens or concerns about diminishing physical health could be pressing. You might be haunted by unmet goals or existential questions, coupled with the awareness of life’s impermanence. These considerations can often lead to emotional upheaval, self-questioning, re-assessing what truly matters in life.

Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.

Lost your zest for life? Midlife stress hitting you hard? Don’t worry, I’ve got you back! Check out my 10 top tips to re-ignite your passion for living and reclaim your mojo!

From embracing new experiences to prioritising self-care, there simple yet powerful strategies will have you feeling alive and unstoppable again! 

Say goodbye to the midlife slump and hello to a life filled with joy, purpose and fulfilment. Let’s do this fellas! Midlife Momentum is about to begin.

Within the pages of this ebook, you’ll discover 10 simple, yet powerful tips that can help you re-ignite your passion for life and rediscover the joy and fulfilment that you deserve. These are not lofty goals or unattainable dreams; rather, they are practical strategies that you can start implementing in your life today.

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Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.

The Midlife Years
Provide the Perfect

Launch Pad

for the exploration of uncharted territories, re-inventing yourself and pursuing ambitious goals. Make the second half of your life, the best half of your life.

Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.

Master Your Thoughts
and Subconscious Mind

Mission Control

is about overcoming limiting beliefs and broadening your thought processes with practical exercises for mind mastery and emotional management.

Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.

Ready and Committed
3, 2, 1 we have

Lift Off

The essential rocket fuel needed to create sufficient momentum to turn planning into action, fostering substantial personal and professional growth.

From Motivation to Momentum

The ‘Midlife Momentum’ masterclass presents a dynamic four-step approach to guide you through a transformative journey in your midlife, leading you towards a future filled with excitement and fulfilment. It starts with the ‘ASCENT PLAN’, which provides a map of the self-improvement journey, focusing on self-awareness and development. Next the ‘TRAJECTORY’ phase assists with setting personal and professional goals for a clear direction. I will not suggest you aim for distant stars and then accept the moon as a consolation; instead, you will thoughtfully choose your own destination, and I will assist you in every possible manner to attain it. ‘MISSION CONTROL’ phase emphasises the importance of enjoying the present moment and provides a variety of powerful tools and strategies. Finally, the ‘LIFT OFF’ phase puts these plans into action, overcoming obstacles and moving you towards the set goals. 

Throughout this structured system, you ignite motivation by connecting with your deeper desires and aspirations. The clear roadmap and coaching support gets you into motion, and by celebrating your progress and navigating challenges, you build a powerful momentum. By following these steps, you are no longer dreaming about a fulfilling second half of your life; you are actively working towards making it a reality, ultimately leading to the materialisation of your goals and aspirations. This journey is not just about reaching a destination but about becoming the best version of yourself along the way.

Your midlife years are the bridge between who you were and who you want to become

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The Best Half of Your Life

The ‘Midlife Momentum’ coaching programme provides tailored support across several life domains during the midlife transition, a time ripe for reflection, re-assessment and sometimes re-invention. I provide guidance in personal development, helping you to explore new interests and grow self-awareness; career transitions, offering clarity and fulfilment in professional pursuits; health and wellness, to improve physical health and lifestyle; relationships, enhancing communication and connections; financial planning, creating a robust plan for future stability; emotional wellbeing, managing stress and fostering resilience; life balance, ensuring a harmonious blend of work, leisure, relationships and legacy, helping to define your purpose and desired impact. The coaching relationship is collaborative, aiming for realistic goal-setting and achievement, leading to great clarity, confidence and direction, effectively navigating the complexities of midlife with purpose and ease. 

Clive O says...

10/10. So much content was covered, ensuring you dig deep within. Paul’s delivery is amazing. The whole course has been fantastic. Paul has a unique way to bring the best out in you and believing in yourself. Great interaction with others on the course. Paul involves everyone and encouraged us to interact.

Darren F says...

I endorse Paul as a Life Coach. He is uplifting and encouraging, and never overbearing or judgemental. If you want to be more connected and fulfilled in your life, then “Engage with Success” is like a sat-nav showing the way. All we need is to be willing to take the wheel-of-our-lives and drive. A superb all-round experience.

Jordan A says...

Paul was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and over-delivered on time and value. I was looking for someone to help me with my career and Paul guided me with self-reflection to really drill down to where I want to take my life. He also helped me to identify and remove limiting beliefs from childhood that I didn’t even know were there. I have identified my purpose and I have a plan for how I can live it.

Patrick M says...

Paul has been a game changer for me! He’s gone above and beyond as a coach and mentor and has played an integral part in my success and growth as a husband, dad, professional, and person overall. I love this guy! He’ll always hold a special spot in my heart. God bless!

Jeff A says...

Wowzer! I learned that I need to be more open about where I need to grow as a person, at work and outside the workplace. The content was excellent, engaging and clear. Five stars!

Muzaffar H says...

Loved Paul’s real life examples, would have loved the workshop to be longer.

Your First Step

A simple chat on the phone is the best way to find out exactly what you would like help in achieving and for you to determine if I am the right certified Coach to get you on track.

Click here to request your complimentary 15-minute Strategy Call. There are no obligations for you to participate in coaching afterwards. This guide provides five simple steps to choosing the right Coach.

Mindset is the rocket fuel which propels you to the stratosphere of excellence

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A significant part of my business is driven by referrals. If you know someone in their midlife years that would like to make the second half of their life the best half of their life, let them know that I offer a complimentary 15-minute strategy call with no obligation to participate in a coaching programme.

Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.
American Board of NLP certified
Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.
Jack Canfield Trainer certified
Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.
Pro Member of IICT
Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.