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The mind is not a glass to be filled, but a fire to be kindled
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Throughout my thought-provoking keynote, I pull back the psychological-curtain to reveal a mindset poised for success and fulfilment. My presentation is designed to energise and inspire audiences, making the content accessible and exciting. With years of experience engaging live audiences, I’ve honed the art of blending vivid examples with witty stories with sold research findings. This approach highlights the key takeaways in a memorable way, leaving a lasting impression that encourages the audience to take inspired action.


Zahir A says...

Paul is a great speaker and created a very inspirational session.

Jack P says...

An incredible speaker, contagious energy and lots of genuine content.

Linda C says...

Very good speaker, humorous and engaging.

Amir S says...

I loved Paul’s story and the E.N.G.A.G.E. system.

Tyler S says...

Inspiration! Motivation! Excitement! I feel the presentation gave me a roadmap to get out of my rut, and follow my dreams. I’m inspired to put in the work, and take the steps necessary to achieve my goals.

Jamie J says...

I left feeling empowered and focused.

Customised for Your Event

I tailor my keynote presentations to feature pertinent insights on mindset, mental fitness, motivation and personal accomplishment. This approach guarantees that the talk is not only enlightening and informative but also serves as a pivotal moment for many, impacting their personal and professional lives. My discussions often centre on conquering procrastination, boosting productivity and attaining unprecedented success in every facet of life and business

– Cultivating a mindset for excellence

– Recognising the failure cycle

– Strategies for conquering procrastination

– Initiating action towards your aspirations

– Understanding the challenges of personal transformation

– Harnessing mental fitness to overcome obstacles

I have presented engaging and impactful talks to diverse audiences across various environments, from intimate gatherings to expansive venues. My engagements span schools, colleges, universities, conferences, networking events, service clubs, special interest groups, businesses and even cruise ship audiences. My presentations inspire and motivate attendees to achieve greater success and up-level their efforts. I equip them with the necessary tools to meet challenges, adapt to change, shape perspectives and solve problems.

Powerful keynote presentations

with an exciting message of success and fulfilment
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A Powerful Message

Everyone craves success and the sense of accomplishment it brings. Yet, often, success is narrowly defined in terms of material gains, leading many to pursue wealth, fame, power, achievements, education, relationships, and more, without pausing to consider their personal definition of success. I aim to give the audience a chance to ponder what it means to achieve success by their own standards

Creating your own definition of success and pursuing goals aligned with that vision is crucial for achieving genuinely significant accomplishments. While wealth may offer a temporary sense of achievement, it’s evident that even those with fame and fortune can struggle to find true happiness, sometimes with dire results. Success is a personal concept, varying from one individual to another. If you’re seeking a form of success that resonates on a profound, fulfilling level, bringing you joy and contentment regardless of financial gain, then the ‘Engage with Success’ keynote presentation is designed for you.

Speaker Training

“Speak Without Fear – 25 Strategies for Becoming a Confident Speaker” is the definitive handbook for anyone aspiring to master the art of public speaking, particularly those who dread the thought of facing an audience. Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, is a common form of social anxiety characterised by intense fear of judgement, scrutiny, or embarrassment when speaking to an audience. This book provides a roadmap to overcome glossophobia, providing knowledge, strategies, and advice to help you transform this fear into a stepping stone for success. It’s designed to be your ally, and promises to guide you toward becoming a confident, effective speaker, no matter the audience size.

Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.

“Speak and Earn – 25 Strategies for Becoming a Paid Speaker” is the ultimate guide for aspiring public speakers aiming to carve out a lucrative career from their passion for speaking. This book empowers readers to transform their spoken words into a tool for financial freedom, allowing them to make a profound impact on their audience while efficiently managing their time. It meticulously debunks the myths and misconceptions that often deter newcomers from pursuing their speaking ambitions, laying bare the realities of the industry.

Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.


A significant part of my business is driven by referrals. Should you be aware of any group, society, organisation or company that would appreciate and benefit from a 45-minute presentation filled with empowerment and motivation, please feel free to reach out to me.

Pablo Picasso - Painting and Sculpting Legend

Action is the foundational key to all success.

Joseph Campbell - Writer and Professor

Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Charles R. Swindoll - Pastor and Radio Preacher

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Earl Nightingale - Motivational Author

We become what we think about most of the time.

Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.
American Board of NLP certified
Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.
Jack Canfield Trainer certified
Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.
Pro Member of IICT
Engage with Success. Paul Becque. Certified Mindset Trainer, Transformational Coach and Speaker.